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June 9-10: Summit Raceway- Norwalk, Ohio:

A great weekend, the weather was very corporative in the upper 70 to lower 80's. Saturday we started the day off qualifying for Screaming eagle Performance (SEP) 11.50 index had a little trouble slowing the bike down I had three tries to get it and the first two were 11.35 and 11.48 keep in mind we have to stay above 11.50 so finally on the third try I nailed the break and ran 11.88 bumping me to the 22nd spot out of 32 available. Super Eliminator (SE) 10.90 class was next on the list and we ran a consistent 11.03 and that was good for 16 spot out of 32 every one was running a little slower than normal, not enough usable air and high humidity around 90%. Sunday started off real good, we had to make the first cut to a 16 bike ladder, in SEP I got the hole shot and forced my opponent to dive harder to get by and he ran out his time running a 11.34 (has to be 11.50 or higher) i ran a 11.43 so I made it to the show in this class. In SE I again got the hole shot with a reaction time of .068 on a pro tree, was having a great run then at the back 1/8 of the track the air shifter jammed trying to shift into 5th when this happened my opponent moved ahead by a tire and we didn't make that one. During the eliminations in SEP I drew the #4 plate holder, I was able to pull it off with a win, the shifter was still acting up and was not able to get it fixed in time for the next round so having to foot shift it slowed us down just a little getting into second my opponent was able to stay out front and he got the win, a very good race and a good weekend making it to the 8th finals

New update from the pits!

Carnahan Racing finished the 2007 at VMP in 4th in points... not to bad... we will of course be shooting for #1 in 2008!

This past weekend for the AHDRA race in Richmond Carnahan had a very good weekend with the new motor build by Departure

Saturday- Nate qualified in SEP (11.50 index) #2 with a 11.506 in SE (10.90 index) & qualified 4th with a 10.908, he was getting some real good reaction times and felt positive for Sunday's eliminations. On Sunday Nate made it through the first round in both classes eliminating his opponents and advancing to the "Big Show" for the 1/8 finals. In SE rounds it was a very close race all through the quarter mile with fast side by side action. With a brake out break out he ran a 10.81 and the bad guys put down a 10.87 (bad guys were closer to the 10.90 index advancing them in the SEP class)

"I backed out of the throttle as I was not wanting a repeat of breaking out and sorry to say I lost by a very small margin of .004 some very tight racing action so we will just have to get this one behind us and focus on Rockingham NC in 3 weeks"
-Nate Carnahan

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