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Friday at approximately "beer-o-clock" it was time to get started. With the deadline looming just a few months away, talk must turn into action. Resurrecting an old project of Trav's, a coveted Motorshop single loop is rolled in from the back. Ideas flow like the PBRs from the mini fridge as the shop bullshits about how this next DBW creation will come together. Once again the tools will be turned on this project by Father and Friend to complete things left unfinished.


After months of ignoring that heavy box in the corner it was finally time to crack it open. It's kind of like Christmas for "big kids" opening a super clean S&S 1964 Model P-Series motor. The new motor is wheeled over to it's new home in the Motorshop frame in the handy "motor roller" (otherwise known as Ernie's chair). Of course the motor doesn't fit, bottoming out on the frame before resting on the mounts. No problem... Andrew can't leave frames unmolested from a few cuts and welds.


Andrew goes to town on the Motorshop frame. The frame is supported by frame jigs made by Andrew and the motor mounts are thickened. The tranny mounts are also raised up an equal amount so our primary setup will still go on square. The belly of the frame is marked then tubbed out. All of these mods to the Motorshop frame should now allow it to accommodate the larger S&S P-Series power plant. I looks clean because it is...


It's usually the unnoticed details that go into a chopper that make it cool. The rear hub and brake assembly on this build are one of those details. Andrew machines out an old school hub and trick drum assembly that were never intended to go together on the ass end of a bike. With some help from resident spoke wheel guru Clink, you know this will be a cool addition.


Well... in true TV style this project appears to have gone from raw metal to a painted finished bike in days. Actually yours truly dropped the ball. Instead of documenting the progress and keeping you updated I decided to go off and get married. So here are a few shots of the bike coming together and the final mock-up. Of course much is left out. Andrew got "wango-tango" as he usually does and made a killer tank with electrical switches built-in, an amazing set of shorty megaphone pipes and many other awesome details. It was down to the wire as it usually is, putting the last touches and firing it up just hours before throwing it on a trailer to head to LaCrosse, Wisconsin for the final showdown. We also found an owner for this beauty, Larry Page, longtime shop supporter and general godsend. Thanks Larry!


Lee, Andrew and RB made the trip out to LaCrosse, Wisconsin for the S&S 50th celebration. The build bike made it out just fine, and everyone made it back in one piece! Check out some shots of the other builders work below. The build bike also took 2nd place in 5 Ball- Bikernet "Thunderdome" show on 8/8 in Sturgis and won the AMD "World Champion" award! Way to go us...

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